Percentage of dating in the workplace

17-Dec-2017 09:08

The most obvious downside to workplace relationships is that they can lead to sexual harassment claims, Pierce says, adding there have been more than 50 federal and state workplace romance-sexual harassment legal cases since 1980.

And that’s not mentioning the far greater number of claims that have been handled internally without ever going to court.

And while to some, workplace romances may seem harmless, they, in fact, can lead to serious problems, says Charles A.

Pierce, an associate professor of management in the Fogelman College of Business and Economics at the University of Memphis, whose research interests include workplace romance and sexual harassment.

That statistic prompted us to reflect on work relationships that led to power couplings. Harris Interactive conducted the survey online for Career Builder, polling 7,780 full-time workers who were neither self-employed nor worked for the government. Women were more likely than men to date someone above their level: 35 percent of women said they had, while only 24 percent of men did.However, romance can be ever present within the workplace and may be no further away than the next desk.A 2006 study by the Society for Human Resource Management found that as many as 40 percent of workers had had an office romance.Between budget reports, department meetings and emails, how can two co-workers become more than just colleagues?

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The answer is simple: by getting out of the office.Quinn presented an early typology of motives in 1977 detailing that individuals date for love (e.g., authentic love and caring for a person), ego (e.g., the romance is fun and exciting), or job (e.g., the romance is driven by the opportunity to obtain professional benefits) motives.

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