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Things girls should avoid saying to a guy When you’re having a conversation with a guy, you really don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing.Guys are less easily offended, unless you make him feel less like a man.Women at this level are hard to look at, let alone get physical with. I stooped to level three once and it’s something I am not proud of. The criteria mentioned in the previous sentence were present so I try not to beat myself up about it too much.Four There isn’t much to be attracted to here but a man can be often be skewed to hook up with a four if he has had a few drinks or comes to the realization that he can’t do much better.

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at first i didnt expect much and i kinda get annoyed with gun's laugh.then after watching a few episodes i got used to it and im loving the chemistry of the main characters.. I love it..tak...young(step brother)..ssmbap lady..chairman wang..stepmother min young n siblings kim min young.. Wish i could see the actors in person here in the Philippines! Jang na ra became my second fav actress This is the best korean drama i've ever watched i can't stop to watch it again and again also find any information about the drama. Love this drama very much as can make me laugh and cry much... Great and deep chemistry, perfect acting between Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra... Love this drama very much coz can make me laugh and cry much... The characters were steadfast from start to finish!!! Specially the Jang couple, they were so brilliant, lively, .. Thank you MBC for airing this masterpiece of drama, every woman should have a Gun in their lives their will be no hard times, you would be too busy trying to figure him out like Miyoung did (if you cant beat them join them). the first half was great but the second half post-tragedy dragged on too long with the angst and the show lost momentum and picked it back up a bit at the end with fan service. It will probably be a classic since the couple and numerous supporting characters are quite loveable. On some points with so many levels resolute through all episodes! Last but not least – Whom will Mingyoung pick between these two gents? Definitely one of my favorites now :) Quite a turn out! Love it Can contain my excitement and for the last 4 episodes : P they would definitely end up together but would love to see how they wiil unfold their feelings. Perfect in this role and is able to express very deep emotions .... Usually, guys are pretty accommodating with anything you say to them.They’re easy going and can put up with a bit of insults and let downs. first 10 episodes are boring , i was about to stop watching it , but i continued it , but still it wasn't that much. I've only watched the original drama which is the Taiwanese drama and it is one of my favourite dramas. it is the little things that make this show so much better than all the rest .....

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the best drama for summer 2014....great acting, great chemistry..great story....great supporting actor.blend very well... i never watch that drama...maybe because i watch secret love at that time..... @P @Jean Singer/Songwriter turned Actress Jang Nara also wrote Snail. I will remember FTLY korean version as my favorite drama of all time. this one maybe is not that well known through asia but it's 100 times better than THE HIERS...a drama that most of the watchers were craving for the release date!!!!

Story: 10/10 Actors: 10/10 OST: 10/10 Watch it again and again. Understandable, but they really missed the great drama and adorable Gun. i dont no why you guys are comparing it with (the heirs ) they are different this drama is for the elder people more than teens and the heirs are more for the teens even though there is a similarity about the heir and the son of the chairman , they're still quite different and for me i prefer the heirs i would watch it over and over again but this one i will never repeat it . Just finished it today and can't wait to repeat watching it. I don't remember any drama that makes me cry for almost every episode. Just finish watched all the episode, it's was the best K-drama for me so far, compare to the heirs, prime minister and I, etc.. HWAITING The original was "a ok", too contemporary to it's own script. although it is also sad that this GREAT drama is about to end, hope Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk oppa will star in another drama again. One of my favorite of all time I really really love this drama, I enjoyed a lot.. Excitement and felt butterfly in my stomach re Ally..!!! ---- Example : a simple act of sitting next to his wife ...

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